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  • Lay-Flat Design

    Lay-Flat Design

    Transform into a lay flat
    griddle for 2 appliances in 1! Also
    great for reheating leftovers!

  • 100% Contact

    Full Contact

    Traditional grills only contact
    on grill lines, resulting in
    uneven cooking

  • Drip Cup

    Drip Cup

    Fat and grease drain away into
    drip cup for healthier meals!

Toxin-Free**, Diamond Infused Coating Takes Your Cooking to the Next Level

  • 5X Harder Coating
  • 5X Harder Coating
  • 5X Harder Coating

Features & Benefits**

  • Experience flat griddle cooking just like the restaurants!
  • Crispy hash browns, melty quesadillas, smash burgers and more are a CINCH!
  • Full contact plates provide even searing, better browning, and more flavor
  • Opens flat to create a restaurant style griddle on your countertop
  • Hinged top plate adjusts to your food so you can cook mile high sandwiches or smash burgers to perfection without squishing them
  • Easy one-knob control lets you control the heat - low, medium, high or MAX SEAR
  • Diamond infused ceramic nonstick coating for extreme durability and superior nonstick cooking
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Drip cups included capture extra fats and grease that drain away
  • Removable plates are dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Perfect for reheating leftovers
  • Compact design easily stores away
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Order Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle Today!
Order Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle Today!

Five Diamond Reviews

5 Diamonds
  • Take it from Julie B.! “Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle is like having a restaurant in your own home because it's like getting one of those seared sandwiches in a restaurant that everybody likes because of the crispiness of it. My kids absolutely love it too!”
  • Take it from Brady S.! “With the Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle I love how easy it is to get restaurant quality food no matter what you're cooking. If it's a thin crab cake or even kabobs, you get to lock in that flavor because it's cooked evenly on both sides from the top and the bottom, which I love! With that hinge top you can also open it up to make a griddle. So you've got a ton of options and you always get that restaurant quality every time.”
  • Take it from Sarah S.! “What I love most is that I don't have to add any fats. I don't have to add any additional oils. And I don't have to add any additional butter to any of my food so that it doesn't stick. You just simply put the food on, you cook it, and it's done and it slides right off! The flavor stays in. The fish - nice and flaky, never overcooked and always just right. It really is amazing!”
  • Take it from Jennifer A.! “Before, when I wanted to make something like a hamburger, it would take forever in the frying pan. But with the Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle, I can put it in there and because I can press it and it cooks on both sides, it's done very quickly. It's delicious! All the juices are in it and I love it! So now I use one machine to cook all day long! I can make eggs in the morning, I can make a panini or a pressed sandwich for lunch, and in the evening I can make a steak for dinner. All in one machine!”
  • Take it from Brady S.! “There's a lot of really great qualities about the Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle. There is the ease of cleanliness, you can pop the plates right out and they're dishwasher safe so you don't even have to worry about cleaning them. I also love how quickly it heats up. When my kids are hungry I have to get a meal on the table in minutes and you can definitely do that with the Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle”
  • Take it from Julie B.! “I can't imagine a day without it because we use it for all types of food in our family. Even our kids enjoy cooking on it! The Blue Diamond™ Sizzle Griddle makes the best grilled cheeses I've ever had.”
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